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Killi_Summit.JPGMy wife Denise and I recently had one of the greatest experiences. We traveled to Tanzania, Africa. We planned for the safari, and beach vacation afterward, but nothing compares with standing at the Top of the highest mountain on the continent, Kilimanjaro. Kili has been written about, and romanticized many times, but nothing relates to the "TREK" to the top. It is exciting, grueling, exhilarating, testing, but most of all Awe Inspiring. Looking out over the Shira Plateau, above the clouds at 18,500 feet, freezing cold wind, and a screaming headache, may not sound like your ideal vacation, but, the sense of accomplishment is unrivaled.

Killi_Kiss_the_Wall.jpgWe are by no means super fit individuals. We are both 54, exercise by hiking 2-3 times per week, and try to eat sensibly. We both feel the central element that enables us to enjoy these experiences is quality spinal health care. I have been a chiropractor since 1996, we also integrate rehab therapy, massage therapy, and when needed medical pain management in our practice. Denise and I have never had the need for medication to keep our spines healthy, but regular chiropractic adjustments, with a stretching and strengthening program directed by our rehab therapists has contributed greatly to our continued active lifestyle.

In a nut shell, a chiropractor's responsibility is to "find the bone out of place, pinching on a nerve, causing dysfunction and gently move it back into place". The objective of a rehab therapist " is to stretch and strengthen muscle tendons and ligaments, and  provide stability and support for the body". When these two techniques are employed together the result is a faster correction of the structural problem, with longer lasting results. The bonus is that the patient comes away from care, with an inventory of stretches and exercises developed and combined specifically for their problem, should those old symptoms start to creep up again.

There is no magic potion, pill or injection that guarantee's good health. It is a process, an active process, meaning YOU have to be involved. The first step, is the action step, have your spine checked. You have your eyes checked, your teeth checked, your tires checked, but the most important structural part of your body, that houses most of your central nervous system goes unchecked, usually until,   "I just can't stand the pain anymore" happens.

Denise_Happy_Jump.JPGKnock on wood, but I sincerely attribute my good health and ability to achieve my dreams and ambitions to quality spinal care. I have been getting regular adjustments for over ten years. I've taken my share of trips, slips, and falls on the trail, and she has the knowledge and technique to put things back in place so that I can participate in the next new adventure.  I have been to base camp at Everest, conquered Kennesaw Mountain, and summited a few hills in between.

Quality, conscientious care tunes me up on good days and puts me back together on the achy days. Our patients range from new born infants, to high mileage seniors. If you have questions give us a call. 770-516-7477. We are located at 2360 Towne Lake Pkwy, Ste 104 in Towne Lake, Woodstock, Ga.

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With the assistance of all of our staff, I feel confident that we can help you achieve "Your Summit" and participate in a healthier active lifestyle for many years to come. Ask your neighbors about us, chances are they're one of our patients.

We accept all insurances and have affordable self pay fees. I will never let finances be a barrier to the expression of good health. 

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Dr. Ray Caputo
Clinic Director
North Georgia Spinal